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How to compare financial aid packages
by: Eiso Kant

Compare aid award

Aid award is the financial aid package which includes gift aid and loans. When you compare all the different
aid award packages from colleges there are a few things you must do.

  • You have to find out the amount of money you and / or your family has to pay on top of this package to
    afford the college.

  • Then check what part of the aid award package is gift aid and what part of it are student loans.

  • After finding out what part are student loans you must find out which loans are subsidized and which loans
    are not.

  • After you have that all worked out you must check the amount you will have to payback after college.

  • After doing the above steps for each aid award package you will have a clear view of which package is
    financially best, but when it comes down to choosing a college try to go for the one that fits your personality
    and future / career goals. If you can not afford this college you can go talk to the financial aid office and
    they can come up with a new plan. If you feel a college is rewarding to much, in terms of loans you can always
    turn down a certain part of the aid package but know that if in need you will have to find the money elsewhere.
    After you chose a college and so an aid award package be sure to let the other colleges know that you are
    turning them down so that a spot for another student opens up.

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