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Controlling your Cash Flow
by: Adam Smith


Are you looking for a way to gain control of your personal finances and implement a budget that will get you back on the road to financial success? Great! And remember there is no better time to start than now. Like anything in life, before you can become financially stable you must understand the fundamentals of personal finance. Gaining control of your personal finances does not have to be hard, in fact some even find the road back to financial stability both challenging and satisfying. Donít forget, where there is a will there is a way. You can do it!

One of the basic, yet important concepts behind the success of a financially wealthy individual is his/her basic understanding of a cash flow. The term merely refers to the flow of incoming and outgoing cash. An inflow refers to any money considered income, whereas an outflow refers to anything recognized as an expense. Perhaps a simple example can best illustrate this basic concept.

Identifying Inflows and Outflows of Cash

Example: Sara, an extremely mature 13 year old, has just washed the dishes for her father, Dee, who has promised to pay her $10 for her services for a week. Having fulfilled her duty and received her payment, Sara quickly hops on her bike and rides to the local grocery story, where she purchases some chocolate milk, a donut, and a pack of gum, all for $5 dollars. Sara hands the clerk $5 dollars and leaves the store happily with her loot.

In this example what is the cash flow? Remember our definition of the term. There exists a flow of money when cash comes in, or is received, as well as when cash goes out, or is spent. Thus, in this scenario the cash flow can be broken down into two streams, namely Saraís income and her expenses. Her income amounted to $10, representing a cash inflow and her expenses incurred totaled $5, representing her cash outflow.

Plan of Action

The reason this is so important is gaining control of oneís financial wellbeing typically revolves around handling inflows and outflows of money appropriately. It is easy to see how trouble can arise quickly if one is consistently spending more money then is made. When expenses exceed income, debt is incurred. The simple yet vital key to financial stability is no secret at all. Spend less than you make.

This method proves to be a success time after time, even when prior debts exist. By spending less than is made, a positive cash flow is created which can in turn be applied against existing debts. Slowly but surely, these small payments on existing debts will eliminate the debt and amount to huge savings. One can then take advantage of living debt free by allocating to savings the payments previously applied to the existing debt. Again, slowly but surely, those savings will begin to add up to quite a nice little nest egg for retirement.


The principles to financial stability are extremely simple and basic, but nonetheless true. Realizing a positive cash flow requires great dedication and commitment as well as strict adherence to a personal budget which minimizes expenses and maximizes savings. Becoming financially wealthy does not happen overnight. Rather it requires time and persistence, even a minute by minute plan of action to realize such wealth and make those millions you have always dreamed of.

The sooner positive financial habits are formed, like saving money, maintaining a positive cash flow, or investing wisely, the sooner those habits will become a part of who you are and lead you down the road to financial success.

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